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V.I.P Of The Week

OUR OFFICE HAS so many V.I.P. ( Very Inspiring Patients) in our family.

This Weeks V.I.P Is Jeannie Dowell

We wanted to introduce you to another patient of ours. Jeannie Dowell is such a wonderful person. She is full of energy hosting parties, decorating and hiking with her wonderful husband, her two children and her precious grandchildren.

Jeannie is such an energetic person it was no surprise to us when Jeannie shared with us that she was voted Miss Congeniality at Woodlawn High School in Birmingham, AL. Once you meet her you would agree.

Jeannie Is Fighting Cancer

With her faith, attitude, determination and a very supportive family, Jeannie is giving cancer a great fight. Jeannie’s story will move you to tears and inspire you to “Not to SWEAT the Small things and to remember to treat each day as a gift because it is.”

Jeannie, You Inspire Us All

If Jeannie’s name or story comes to mind would you send up a prayer for her and her family, we know they would appreciate it.

We are supporting you Jeannie 100%!


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