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This Week’s Very Inspiring Patient

TODAY WE WANT TO SHARE Mike Saxton. Mike is our V.I.P. Very Inspiring Patient. A normal day for Mike is to be in two countries in one day: Mike has been flying with American Airlines for 35 years.

Mike inspires us by being an avid reader and gardener. Mike’s heart is so kind and caring in his spare time he volunteers at an Alzheimer’s home and a non profit organization called “Wings” which support flight attendants who are sick. Mike knows firsthand how meaningful and caring “Wings” can be to a person and its family. Mike himself was diagnosed with lung cancer and beat it this year. Mike continues to smile and help others with his wonderful example of joy.

Thank you Mike for sharing your very inspiring life with us.


One response to "This Week’s Very Inspiring Patient"

  • Karen Guillot says:

    He is such a kind person who continues to smile and make us laugh no matter what obstacle he has to overcome.

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